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Last week, I shared our family’s favorite Magic Kingdom attractions and today we’re off to Epcot! Epcot has a reputation for not being kid-friendly when this couldn’t be farther from the truth for our family. It’s my kids’ favorite park!

Epcot has the highest percentage of rides we all enjoy. There are no roller coasters and they enjoy the thrill rides here. It’s also large and open with the best ability of all the parks to disperse crowds. And we don’t even need to mention the food which is plentiful and unique!

But, we’re here to talk about attractions today! These are rides we all love and can all share together.

1. Test Track

My boys do not ride roller coasters because they don’t like any drops, but they LOVE the fastest ride in all of Disney World! Half the fun at Test Track is designing their own cars while waiting in the queue and then seeing how the cars perform in each portion of the test track. They. Love. This. Car design gets quite competitive in our family! And, of course, the grand finale 60 mile per hour road test is always a favorite.


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2. Impressions de France

Soft theater chairs. Ice cold air conditioning. Glorious French landscapes and classical music. There is nothing to dislike about the movie in the France pavilion, Impressions de France! This has long been Mommy’s favorite attraction at EPCOT. While the movies in the China and Canada pavilions require standing, France offers comfy seats to rest your feet for 20 minutes. And the movie scenes. Those gorgeous French scenery. And Debussy. Saint-Saens. Ravel. *sigh*

3. Mission Space: Green

We perfectly fit as a family of four and have so much fun with our own flight assignments and duties during the mission. Half of us are space nuts, so that plays a part in our collective love for this ride as well!

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4. Journey Into Imagination

One of few EPCOT attractions geared towards young children and … what can we say? The kids love it!


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5. Spaceship Earth

For decades, Mommy’s family tradition has been to ride Spaceship Earth at the end of the day on the way out of the park. There is never any line in the evening. It’s a long, quiet, and relaxing way to end the day, and somehow just doesn’t feel right riding in the daylight! The ending descent doesn’t even compare to the Tomorrow’s Child scenes of the 90s but the boys like to choose their own future and watch the resulting video. Always, always a must-do for our family at EPCOT!

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What are your family’s favorite EPCOT attractions?