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  • trip day 5 of 9

  • Wednesday, February 7, 2018

  • Animal Kingdom

  • packed breakfast in the room

  • lunch at Satu’li Canteen

  • dinner at Landscape of Flavors

  • snack at Harambe Market

Continuing our trip to Disney World in February and after experiencing the new Pandora: World of Avatar land for the first time at night on this trip’s arrival day, we were so excited to see it in daylight and experience the highly-praised Flight of Passage ride for the first time today. We had FastPasses for Flight of Passage but anticipated loving it and wanting to ride more than once, so we rope dropped it as well to avoid the standard 2+ hour standby line throughout the day.

order attraction
1 Flight of Passage
2 Kilimanjaro Safari [FP+]
3 snack – Harambe Market
4 Flight of Passage [FP+]
5 lunch – Satu’li Canteen
6 Dinosaur [FP+]
7 Dinosaur [FP+] (again!)
8 Expedition Everest x6 (Mommy), The Boneyard (the boys)
9 Maharajah Jungle Trek
10 swim at Pop Century
11 dinner – Landscape of Flavors
Flight of Passage rope drop

above – The crowd ahead of us at the park entrance tapstyles.

We arrived at Animal Kingdom at 7:45 AM for a 9:00 park opening. After going through security and the tapstyles, the crowd was led through Discovery Island to the Pandora bridge at 8:15 where we were stopped to wait again. We stuck to the right side of the crowd by Tiffins where the boys had a convenient post to sit on during the wait and didn’t feel claustrophobic by the mass of people. There were still far more behind us than ahead so we were already thinking this rope drop plan was a great idea.

The crowd was soon moving again and we entered Pandora, walking through the Flight of Passage ride entrance at 8:53 AM. By 9:20, we were finished with the ride. With just over an hour from arriving at the park to entering the ride’s first preshow room, we considered this a huge rope drop success! Three of us loved Flight of Passage and were already eagerly awaiting our FastPass for later in the morning. Gavin vowed never to ride again and would pass!

Animal Kingdom Flight of Passage rope dropAnimal Kingdom Flight of Passage rope drop

above – The crowd ahead of us at the Pandora bridge
below – The larger crowd behind us!

Animal Kingdom Flight of Passage rope dropAnimal Kingdom Flight of Passage rope drop

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Animal Kingdom Flight of Passage rope dropAnimal Kingdom Flight of PassageAnimal Kingdom Flight of Passage

On to Africa, our Kilimanjaro Safari ride was a great one. The elephants and giraffes were active and kitties were sleepy, completely uninterested in showing off for tour buses.

Daddy and Jasper returned to Pandora to ride Flight of Passage again with FastPasses while Mommy treated Gavin to a huge cup of his favorite Bibo from Harambe Market. This is his favorite drink at Epcot’s Club Cool and Harambe Market is the only place at Disney World to order full cups.

We then switched kids and Mommy rode Flight of Passage again with Jasper, who used Gavin’s Magicband and his FastPass for his third banshee flight of the day.

Animal Kingdom Safari giraffesAnimal Kingdom Safari elephantsDisney's Animal KingdomDisney Flight of Passage in PandoraAnimal Kingdom Flight of PassageAnimal Kingdom Flight of Passage

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Disney Flight of Passage banshee

Lunch was another delicious meal from Satu’li Canteen. The chimichurri chicken and rice bowl does not disappoint!

After lunch, we crossed Discovery Island to Dinoland USA to ride Dinosaur, Gavin’s favorite, twice in a row. While the boys played in The Boneyard playground and worked on a few Wilderness Explorer merit badges, Mommy returned to her beloved Expedition Everest single rider line and escaped from the Yeti six times in about an hour.

We meandered through the Maharajah Jungle Trek in Asia (must see more kitties!), but we were all getting quite tired. After several busy days, and having completed all of our Animal Kingdom must-do’s, we made the decision to cut the day short and drive back to the hotel to rest.

Satu'li Canteen rice bowlDisney's Animal KingdomExpedition Everest single rider line

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Disney Animal Kingdom Dinosaur rideDisney Animal Kingdom Dinosaur ride

We returned to Pop Century by late afternoon for a swim, opting for the smaller and less crowded Bowling Pin Pool in our 50’s section over the main Hippy Dippy Pool. For dinner, we crossed Hourglass Lake, passing new Skyliner construction to Art of Animation’s Landscape of Flavors where we dined on pizza and pasta. The rest of the evening was spent packing up for an exciting resort change…

Disney Pop Century 50s sectionDisney Pop Century 50s sectionDisney Pop Century 50s sectionDisney Skyliner construction

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Rope Dropping Flight of Passage