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  • trip day 8 of 9

  • Saturday, February 10, 2018

  • Epcot

  • Festival of the Arts

  • packed breakfast in the room
  • lunch at Yorkshire Co Fish Shop and festival booths

  • dinner at Landscape of Flavors

Grandma and Grandpa joined us for another full day at Epcot during our Disney World in February trip. The family photos won’t be shared in this review, but foodies will enjoy all the food pictures!

We arrived around rope drop and immediately began a leisurely Disney day. First up was finally remembering to find Justin Timberlake and *NSYNC on the Leave A Legacy stones. Big priority, there! Then we left for our first stop in The Land for our first FastPass – Soarin’. We hopped on a boat in Living With The Land followed by a journey under the sea with Nemo and Friends. A highlight in The Seas was a huge, majestic ray gliding up and over again and again. Finishing up Future World West, we headed to see Figment in Journey Into Imagination. Gavin also introduced his grandparents to his favorite Bibo at Club Cool.

order attraction
1 Soarin [FP+]
2 Living With The Land
3 The Seas with Nemo and Friends [FP+]
4 Journey Into Imagination [FP+]
5 Club Cool
6 snack – Refreshment Port
7 lunch – Yorkshire County Fish Shop
8 Impressions de France
9 shopping – Mitsukoshi
10 snack – The Artist’s Table
11 Voices of Liberty
12 shopping – Germany
13 snack – Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe
14 Festival of the Arts – Animation Academy
15 Spaceship Earth
16 swim at Art of Animation
17 dinner – Landscape of Flavors
Epcot Festival of the ArtsEpcot Leave A Legacy NSync

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Epcot The Seas with Nemo and FriendsEpcot The Seas with Nemo and Friends

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By lunchtime, we headed into World Showcase, entering at Canada. Mommy noshed on festival food while Daddy shared his favorite fish and chips from the Yorkshire County Fish Shop with his parents in the United Kingdom. Mommy most enjoyed the festival’s dark chocolate cup from the Artist Table’s chocolate sipping flight. Canada’s highly praised cheddar cheese soup made up for the disappointment of the pork roulade.

Aside from watching the much-loved Impressions de France movie and Voices of Liberty, we all just shopped and ate around the world all afternoon, stopping in many of the shops we normally skip when we’re just traveling as a family of four. Such a lovely way to spend a Disney way with parents!

We finished up the World Showcase loop with a stop in Norway’s Kringla bakery for school bread before visiting the Odyssey Center for another Animation Academy class where we learned to draw Pluto. Finally, a day at Epcot isn’t complete without riding Spaceship Earth on the way out.

It was so fun to share our Epcot traditions and favorites with the grandparents while also enjoying a few new-to-us festival activities.

Epcot Festival of the ArtsEpcot Festival of the ArtsEpcot Festival of the Arts cheddar cheese soupEpcot Germany shopping

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Epcot Festival of the Arts Animation AcademyEpcot Norway school breadEpcot Spaceship Earth

When we returned to our resort for the evening, Mommy and the boys immediately went to the pool for its final open hour that we missed the day before while Daddy and his parents ate dinner again at Landscape of Flavors. The Big Blue Pool is adorably themed with a large shallow section perfect for the boys, but even on this night it was very crowded. The boys preferred the nearby splash pad and could’ve played there all night! Our epic nine-day Disney trip comes to an end tomorrow…

Disney's Art of Animation Big Blue PoolDisney's Art of Animation Big Blue PoolDisney's Art of Animation Big Blue PoolDisney's Art of Animation Big Blue PoolDisney's Art of Animation Landscape of Flavors

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Epcot with Grandparents