How Far Do You Walk on a Disney World Vacation?

How many miles do you walk each day at Disney World? Three, maybe four miles? What’s you guess? How many steps do you take at Disney World? Surely you reach your 10,000 step goal, right? You might be surprised [...]

2019-04-12T15:09:26-04:00April 4, 2019|Disney|

How to Create A Disney Trip Photo Album

So, you’re heading to Disney soon and plan on taking lots of photos to remember the trip. How do you plan on preserving those images and memories? Do you have a printing or photo book plan? Here’s how I [...]

2019-03-12T12:57:47-04:00March 12, 2019|Disney|

Stress-Free Disney Trip Packing Tips

Packing for a Walt Disney World vacation often seems like a rather easy task. However, I’ve discovered that the adage that the last 10 percent of a project takes 90 percent of the time rings true time after time [...]

2019-04-12T15:37:52-04:00January 25, 2019|Disney|

5 Reasons to Visit Disney World in January and February

Late January through early February is our favorite time of year for a Walt Disney World vacation. We find this mid-winter time to be the perfect combination of great weather, fewer crowds, and low prices that is best for [...]

2019-04-12T15:44:01-04:00January 8, 2019|Disney|

Our Walt Disney World Trip Cost Breakdown for a Family of Four

Sharing our Walt Disney World vacation cost breakdown isn’t a decision that came easily. Talking about money is … well … erm … uncomfortable. However, most of the costs pertaining to our Disney vacation (hotel rates, ticket costs, all restaurant [...]

2019-04-12T15:49:17-04:00June 21, 2017|Disney|