Disney World Arrival Day Tips

So, you have a morning flight or expect to arrive at Disney World by car around late-afternoon to begin your vacation. What is there to do on your Disney World arrival day? If you are arriving at Disney World [...]

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Best Star Wars Shirts to Wear to Disney World

Bright Suns! If you’re heading to Batuu, it’s always more fun to dress appropriately in Star Wars shirts! My favorite online tee shop has so many unique and creative shirts to wear to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disney [...]

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Disney Shirts for Women

Wearing cute Disney shirts to Disney World certainly isn’t a necessity, but it sure does make your trip and the photos you keep from your vacation more fun! There are countless places to buy Disney shirts for women and [...]

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Disney World Planning in 6 Stress-Free Steps

So, you’ve decided to take your family to Disney World. Woo hoo! You’re in for an amazing trip! Maybe you took your first steps towards planning by typing “Disney World” into Pinterest. Immediately, you felt your stress level rise [...]

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Disney Packing List for Winter

Your Disney packing list should be the same year round, right? Isn’t Florida always hot and humid? Nope! Winter weather in central Florida can actually get quite cool, even below freezing. Packing for Disney World in the winter requires [...]

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The Best Time To Go To Disney World

When is the best time to go to Disney World? I’ll give you my answer right away: late January and early February. Why? Temperatures are coolest and crowd levels are relatively low. These are two factors that are most [...]

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How Far Do You Walk on a Disney World Vacation?

How many miles do you walk each day at Disney World? Three, maybe four miles? What’s you guess? How many steps do you take at Disney World? Surely you reach your 10,000 step goal, right? You might be surprised [...]

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How to Create A Disney Trip Photo Album

So, you’re heading to Disney soon and plan on taking lots of photos to remember the trip. How do you plan on preserving those images and memories? Do you have a printing or photo book plan? Here’s how I [...]

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Stress-Free Disney Trip Packing Tips

Packing for a Walt Disney World vacation often seems like a rather easy task. However, I’ve discovered that the adage that the last 10 percent of a project takes 90 percent of the time rings true time after time [...]

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