New England Road Trip day 3 – 360-Degree View, Zero Visibility

After two days in the car, we were all ready to get out into nature and hike! Mount Monadnock, with its advertised 360-degree view from a granite-capped summit and world’s second most-hiked peak claim (behind Japan’s Mount Fuji), sounded challenging [...]

New England Road Trip

White church steeples peeking out in a sea of blazing orange, yellow, and rust-colored tree tops. Rustic covered bridges littered with crunchy fallen leaves. Charming towns and general stores decorated with mums, hay bales, and pumpkins. These are the iconic [...]

New England Road Trip day 1 – Dessert for Dinner

A 16-day journey through twelve states began at 7:15 AM on a cool October morning. The early Saturday start on empty roads was enjoyable until just over an hour into the drive when we stopped at the Virginia Welcome Center [...]

Our Walt Disney World Trip Cost Breakdown for a Family of Four

Sharing our Walt Disney World vacation cost breakdown isn’t a decision that came easily. Talking about money is … well … erm … uncomfortable. However, most of the costs pertaining to our Disney vacation (hotel rates, ticket costs, all restaurant [...]