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Spoiler alert: The sun did not shine today. But Acadia National Park in the fall … in the rain … might be the best way to experience this gorgeous park. Not only are trails vacant (if you’re into the empty hiking trail vibe), but the colors really pop against the overcast sky.

The rain wasn’t expected to stop all morning, so we headed out early into the drizzly morning. Between the rain and being so close to the end of tourist season, the Wild Gardens of Acadia and Nature Center were closed and the pebble pathways we meandered were now streams.

We decided to travel to the other side of the island to visit the iconic Bass Harbor Head Light. The walk from the parking lot down to the oceanside boulders is a short one and we didn’t venture out too far on the slippery rocks to glimpse the park’s most famous lighthouse.

We continued to take the day slow, stopping at the Seawall to work on some Senior Ranger journaling and visiting the Carroll Homestead, a typical coastal Maine farm where the Carroll family lived, farmed, and worked in the 1800s. This, too, was closed!

This is not a waterfall … just a lot of rain!

Back at the hotel, we ate lunch, tired and exhausted from the gray skies and constant rain. Refueled and renergized, we decided to head back out anyway and quit waiting for the rain to stop to venture out on a trail.

Great Head was selected for our afternoon hike, a 1.7-mile loop on the coast that seemed to be a good choice without too many slippery surfaces (we sure weren’t going to tackle the Precipice Trail!). As we pulled into the parking lot, the sky faucet finally turned off!

The trail head … across the “river!”

We LOVED this trail from the constant soundtrack of crashing ocean waves as we scrambled up and over rocks for a total elevation gain of 334 feet, found building remains on the top, and stopped to admire the ferociously crashing waves below.

As soon as we got back in the car, the skies opened up again. We continued into Bar Harbor for dinner, hoping to find another restaurant just for diversity, but settled back at Geddy’s again after finding our first two choices closed for the season. However, Geddy’s, of course, did not disappoint. The boys repeated their meals from the night before while Mommy went for the scallop and shrimp scampi and Daddy got a classic Maine lobster dinner.

On the way back to the hotel, we resupplied at Hannaford’s and, having been disappointed by the closed Friendly’s days earlier, bought supermarket containers of ice cream for an evening snack.

Acadia National Park in the Rain