Fostering Kittens part 5 of 5 – How You Can Help

Have you been inspired to help out homeless kittens in need? I hope so! There are many different ways to help including fostering, volunteering, supporting, and adopting. Fostering So, does fostering sound like a possibility for you? Fosters are [...]

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Fostering Kittens part 4 of 5 – Meet the Kittens!

In the past year, I have fostered 32 cats - 31 kittens and one mama. All were rescues and found their way to the shelter in various ways: abandoned, neighborhood strays, hoarder rescues, and ferals. Fostering has given them all [...]

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Fostering Kittens part 1 of 5 – One Year Anniversary

For the past year, my home office has doubled as a sanctuary for rescue kittens and this Saturday, September 3rd, will mark my one year anniversary fostering kittens. On that date last year, I picked up my first litter of [...]

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All About Year-Round School

My boys went back to school on Monday, but it wasn’t their first day of school this school year. They were just tracking back in. And this is how quickly any conversation with someone outside of Wake County turns [...]

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Storage Binders for School Papers

Gavin brought home about a half dozen papers on his first day of kindergarten three years ago. And the papers have not stopped flowing since! Schoolwork could easily swamp our living room so I needed an easy solution for wrangling [...]

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