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The skies finally cleared on our departure day at Acadia National Park. We were up before the crack of dawn to catch “America’s first sunrise” atop Cadillac Mountain. The boys, expectedly thrilled by this first activity of the day on a cool 48-degree morning, would voluntarily miss the sunrise in favor of more shut-eye.

At the mountain top, the parking lot was already full while Mom and Dad took turns watching the sun emerge from the Atlantic. Following days of clouds, it was certainly a beautiful and welcomed sight!

Acadia National ParkAcadia National ParkAcadia National ParkAcadia National ParkAcadia National Park

You mean, the bay was outside our hotel room balcony the entire time? No way!

Acadia National Park

We returned to the hotel for breakfast before stopping in the Hulls Cove Visitor Center for our Junior Ranger badges and Senior Ranger patches.

Acadia National ParkAcadia National Park

Now it was time to hit the road south towards Boston. We made several stops along the way – Tim Horton’s in Newport for a traditional almost-Canada second breakfast of TimBits and a packed lunch in a travel center parking lot.

By late afternoon we reached the outskirts of Boston and shopped at the Duluth Trading Company store in Burlington before checking into our hotel and parting ways for the evening.

Tim Horton's

While Daddy and Jasper chilled at the hotel and ate dinner at the Copper House Tavern, Gavin and Mommy drove to nearby Chestnut Hill for the Florida State-Boston College football game. Gavin was delighted to finally get stadium pizza and we had great second-row end zone seats. Despite the disappointing season, the Seminoles had won the two other games we’d attended earlier in the season so we had hoped we were lucky charms. Nope. This ended up being the worst loss of the season without a single touchdown and a 3-35 loss. Still, visiting other football stadiums is always fun and I learned I much prefer watching football in the South!

Florida State footballFlorida State footballFlorida State football

We left during the fourth quarter, beating the departing crowd back to the shuttle bus to the parking garage and then the drive back to our Best Western hotel in Waltham. The Boston leg of the trip was about to begin!

Acadia National Park - Cadillac Mountain Sunrise